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    Welcome to Our Sanctuary!!!


    Welcome to Faith City! This is a place if you wish to seek sanctaury from the barren wasteland. We are located just outside of Tokyo, Japan. You know you are close when you come across our Gahaz settlement. When there you will see the 3 mile crater. If you have lost family members, we have a division that can help you. If you wish to seek vengence, waste no more time and take a gander at list of bounties for hire! We guarantee you that they are more than capable in getting the job done. Don't want to pay? Then become one! Us friendly people at Faith City, offer hand to hand combat and gun training for you to become the cold hearted savage you wish to be. Don't want to be a bounty? That's fine we offer a multitude of employment opportunities here in faith City.

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    Nearby Areas

    In our glourious City we provide numerous opportunities to begin a new life!

    We have various quarantine zones to treat the sick and clinics to heal your wounds, these areas are heavily guarded. We have our very own marketplace to where our people can buy various goods and trade resources. Here you can be a chef, clothes merchant, gunsmith, blacksmith, as well as black market for your "exoctic" goods. Can't forget about our luxurious top of the line zombie proof saferooms and gated residential homes!

    To visit more about what Faith city has to offer see our Areas page!
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    This city is more than just work and trading, we strive bring everyone together as a family that these infested freaks have taken from us.

    For kids we have classrooms and parks. We are currently in the processs of improving our fitnesss centers for the general pulbic and not just accessible to the security divisions. We have public and private bars to get off that post apocolyptic edge.

    If you would like to know more about our community, visit our community page!
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    If you would like to contact us for help just use our contacts below

    Headquarters: 081-321-2182 Emergency line: 1-800-dead

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    Quote of the day: Stay strong!! At least you made it this far